If you were to make me over what would be best to change?

I want a new hairstyle. I've had it the same way for too many years and I just want something fun and flirty. Something different please (maybe haircolor change and/or hairstyle.) What are your suggestions. Please help.
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I wouldn't cut too much of your length off just bc I think your long hair is so pretty!! Maybe bangs and some layers in front. Also, a color change would be cool!
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That's easy- there's a really good skin & hair school in your area.
Paul Mitchell
3309 Hyland Street
Costa Mesa, 92626
I actually used to live in OC, and have personally had my hair done in their student salon (which is very nice) their students have absolutely excellent training and their prices are dirt cheap.
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yes I want to dye it a lighter color. :) I'm thinking maybe reddish-brown!
@GoodFaith: yes that would be helpful. I live in Orange County, Costa Mesa CA.
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What a killer smile! I think a lighter brown would look good on you and as for the cut, I would go in with a shorter and heavier side fringe. Make sure not to go too short though. I would start it at eye length. I think a medium length would be just the change you need. See in your picture there are 2 inverted lines on both sides of your length??? Well I would follow those exactly for a style that comes to an edgy angle in the front but not an A-line bob, as this is a lot longer. This look will give you bounce and movement as well as more attitude! Very grown and sexy!
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If you tell me what area you're in, I will give you the names of the best cosmetology schools.
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@GoodFaith: Wow. Another things I didnt know about cosmetic schools. I will definitely check that out. Thank you.
@ I like the sound of side swept bangs. maybe the layers around my face will help shape my face and make my cheeks smaller. :)
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If you really want to learn how to do nice eye makeup, watch some how to's on YouTube by some professional makeup artists. You could also check out a cosmetology school in your area. For about five dollars, you can have one of their students make you over, and show you how to do it for yourself.
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Hi Aileen-
There are different types of layers. However, I am not a hairdresser, I am an esthetician. So, you'd have to ask your hairstylist what her thoughts on the best layers for your face shape and hair texture are. You can also buy the latest copy of Hairstlyes Magazine at the drugstore, and look through it for different layers that appeal to you. If you find one you like, make sure you bring it with you to the hair salon. Then your hair stylist will know exactly what you're referring to and she can usually duplicate the look exactly.
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@GoodFaith : I like the sound of that, NEVER knew there was something to shine your hair like glosses and tints. and when I ask for layers, do I just tell them "can you give me layers" or are there different types? And Thank YOU!
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Thank You Aelspet23 that's super nice of you. I will need to learn to do eye makeup..I've tried it befire but it turns out looking like a bruise.

@beautydiylover: Since it's summer over here, I'd really like a hair cut and a new style.
I always wanted bangs, I was thinking rainbow shaped bangs across my forhead but that might make my face look swollen. I'd like a change in hair color.
I've never dyed my hair and would like to experiment with other colors. I'm just afraid of picking the wrong one because I dont want to dye it repeatedly until I get the right one.
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