If my hair is dead, is it okay to dye it?

My hair has been relaxed once and it was good but then i got it done in Africa and they really messed it up. I really need a change so i was wondering if i should dye it? thanks!
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Well if your hair is going to be damages regardless you might as well have the color you want. I agree with @RubyDenise. An ammonia free gloss is your best bet for minimal damage on your already sensitized locks.
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read this If u wanna know more about hair care!!!! http://www.taaz.com/trends/hair/how_to/hair-natural-tender-loving-care-tlc/us9_JfC3Ck2Q5tuMaq-6RJE4PaTRVrDb.html
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dont dye your hair as much as possible cuz it will be worst if its bad already...just do hair treatment and deep conditioning every week...
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Your hair seems to be in good condition based on your photo. However, hair treatments have ways of changing the integrity of the hair structure. That being said, you're better off going to a professional hairdresser for a consultation. If she gives you the green light, go for it. If she tells you to wait until your hair has grown out-ask her about other options. Maybe a clear glaze would be okay. This would give your current color a boost without causing damage. Perhaps some deep conditioning keratin treatments. Henna plant color might be okay.
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