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If i was blonde as a kid, can i pull it off now?

So, my hair as been..a lot of different colors. It's been a dark brown now for about a year and slowly lightening (thank goodness). I really want to get back to a natural dirty blonde, like I was. What color would be best?
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Gradually die it back, lighter and lighter, but don't go to much lighter than your natural hair, since dying it too much makes it brittle.
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You should try a few makeovers in different shades and we can all vote!!!You are very pretty I am sure you could pull off any color!
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Well if you were born with blonde hair, then it should be fine, because it should suit you!
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yaaaaa...u sure can..
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I don't think you should do blonde but maybe you should do a dirty blonde.
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Yes, I think a dark golden blonde would be really pretty on you! Keep your brows dark brown for a nice contrast. You might want to try the "Makoever" tool for some color ideas!
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When I was in esthetician school, I overheard the hair instructor tell her students- the absolute most flattering shade for someone, is the one they had at age five. She has been doing hair for over 40 years, and probably knows what she's talking about.
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Going back to natural would be a nice break on the hair but because of your natural skin tone, I would shoot fore more of a neutral dark blond rather than dirty. Most dirty blonds have ash undertones and I think it may wash you out a little bit. Instead, you can go in with a neutral tone to reduce any warmth but to also prevent from befogging too drab.
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