If i paint my hair red, would i look beutiful anyway?

I wan't to change my hair color to red but I don't know if I look beutiful with my hair being red! What do you think?
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A dark red would look really nice on you!!
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Because of your beautiful medium skin tone, I think red would look great as long as its on the darker side and not too bright. Make sure you use a red shade with neutral undertones to prevent this from happening and have fun with it. You might even want to try it on the makeover tool and post your favorites for us to vote.
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Do it darkkk!!
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try new things i agree with the first comment get a red gloss done at a salon
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Go to your hairdresser and tell her you want to have her give you a gloss in a red tone. It will rinse out gradually over a month, and if you don't really like it-then you're not stuck with it.
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