Me brown!

If i due my hair ice blonde (live xxl) what colour with it turn out?

well I have brown hair with blonde bits it because of some lightings ad I really want to go blonde but I dot want my hair to go bright orange, what will happen? I'll add in a picture of my current hair and a link for the colour of the hair dye
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Normally, the hair will turn more brassy if you are unable to remove all the dark brown evenly and effectively. If you put your icey blond toner over your current highlights, they will turn a nice silvery color. If you are asking if you should do thin to your entire head, it all depends on how your brown lifts out. I would suggest getting heavy highlights throughout the entire head first and continue to add until you reach your desired amount of lightness. This will ensure to keep some contrast and hide any obvious uneven lifting where as a solid bleach job may not be as forgiving.
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If you don't want to make any mistakes, have it done professionally. If money is an issue, look for a cosmetology school in your area on YELP. Their prices are very reasonable; about $20-$30.
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Well Obviously noone wants their hair to go orange that happened to me mom. DIRECTIONS:
1. you have to bleach your hair for a couple months so it wont turn orange when you dye it.
2. get the hair treatments for blond hair (I reccomend, Go Blonder By John Frida)
3. Dye your hair to the desired shade of blond.
yes i know this may take two months or so but its worth it if you dont want to end up with orange hair;)
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