I wolud like to change my hair stayle to be short

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I think your face shape would look good with an A line hair cut! Since it's summer a lighter brown tint allover would be pretty on you.
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You have a beautiful face. Any length would be flattering for your features. make sure to angle the ends slightly leaving them longer around the face and shorter in the back. Id doesn't have to be a severe or even noticeable angle just slightly to promote the way the hair falls. It is a lot more flattering to have the back shorter than the front on shorter length styles. Make sure to post after shots of your new 'do!
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How short would you like to go? I think a couple inches would be flattering with layers. :)
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honestly, with your head shape. i think you would amazing with a bob! it really tells alot about you as a person, just make sure, if you get it short, that thats how you want it, because it would suck if you wanted it long again and couldnt make it that way.
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short hair will give you style and suit you but you need to take care of your eyebrows.make them a little thicker so as your beautiful eyes pop out and be more feminine even with shorter hair.
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You could try something similar to the style attached. It's sleek and stylish. Try using the "Makeover" tool for some more ideas!
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I say go for it. Short styles are great and good for the hair too. What type of style are you considering? Have you played with make over on this site? Also what about bangs? I think it would be a great look for you.
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I think this cut would look great on you (click over the pic to make it bigger:
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shoulder length layers will look cool on u:)
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In her 20's

Medium to tan skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) very curly hair
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