I want to make over myself

plz help me
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Hello! a wanna try your famous make over beauties, do i have a payment to join here can we talk about this, and more about make over and move a new lifestyle
so, i try many times, but i probly irs not work it.. hehe ,, sugestions please?
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I like the hair. I would just clean it up around the sides and hairline as well as apply a curling cream to enhance your natural wave pattern rather than stretching it out. Looks like you have pretty good style!
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Try growing out the top of your hair a bit and keeping the sides shorter. A little "spike" on the top could work for you too. The outfit looks good....get a great pair of shoes, it can really add some spice to your outfit!
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Your outfit works well for you, and there are a lot of different colour and print combinations to mix it up too. For a change, maybe go clean shaven and let your hair fall naturally rather than slicking it back.
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get a plane low shirt white jeans and some rist bands x
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