I want to know how to wear my hair when i go swimming?

so hi this is my first question and i just want to say i need an updo for swim but not just a boring updo and somthing that will keep in my curls
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thank you all so much im gunna do a braided bun
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Sorry to break the news. There is no way to keep a style if you are going to be in water. You can attempt to keep it dry but its all a gamble and no one can be so sure. I would recommend however, to fully saturate your hair in water before jumping in the pool. This will help fill the cuticle so block penetration of the chlorine. If you do want to take your chances and attempt to keep your 'do dry, I would go with a high bow bun. Its is not only cute but will keep everything and the farthest away from the face and water.
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A high ponytail...you could also twist the pony into a bun. A braided bun would also work.
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A super high ponytail always looks stylish, and creates the illusion of very high cheek bones-very super model. I would also coat your hair with an anti-frizz serum, so if some water splashes on your hair, it will be protected from chlorine damage. You can pick one up at the drugstore for five or six dollars.
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Try a simple bun it is very practicle but also looks good.
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