I want to dye my hair either magenta or like blood red. how would do that?

I have never dyed my hair before and I am looking for a fun change to make me stand out. Right now I have like light brown hair. Would I have to blech it before applying color. Mind you the magenta is dark too. Also does anyone know a good brand of hair color for this or had any expiriance with crazy colors like this? I put this question out there knowing that their will be haters so before you say I shouldn't do it tell me how I would do it in the first place. Oh and is there anyway I could go back to my natural color later? Thanks.
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REALLY IPORTANT THAT I COULD GO BACK TO NATRAL IF YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS I NEED SPECIFICS!! like in a few years or a few weeks? with some dangerous chemicle?
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This hair color is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see your results :)
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Castellany is a natural substance that dies your hair in the wanted shade. It goes out when you wash your hair so thatțs the way you could return to your natural colour.
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This picture is so great! What an awesome shade. You would have to prelighten your hair then go in and tone with your target shade. Because your hair is not dark, you might be able to do a "soak cap". This is when remover is mixed up then added to shampoo and applied to damp/wet hair. Make sure to fully saturate the entire head then allow to sit on for 10-15min working it through often. If this is able to light you to a lighter bright blond shade, you are ready for the next step. Note: Be sure not to lighten too pale or platinum as your hair will not ve able to hold such a great shade for long. If you do not reach enough levels of lift you will have to follow the remover's directions and distress your hair a tad bit more. Next, apply your target shade to rinsed, damp hair and allow to process required time. Paul Mitchell "the color" makes great fun colors (not sure if they make this exact shade though) that is ready to use and doesn't need to be mixed up with anything else. Make sure to grab a couple bottles as these vibrant tones tend to fade out quickly. And yes you will be able to go back to natural. Be aware that you may be more on the warmer side as for undertones.
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wow the colour in the picture is omg sooo Beautiful! xx
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I don't recommend doing this yourself at home. I know from personal experience, you won't get the results you want. If money is an issue for you, you could check out a cosmetology school in your area, and discuss it with one of their experienced instructors. Cosmetology schools can do this for you, at very low price. It doesn't make sense to do it yourself, if you don't really know what you're doing.
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