I want my hair to be the color of Bella Thorne's.....

I want my hair to be the color of bella thorne's.....

I don't want everyone to make fun of me...PLUS idk how i will look like with that color and i dont really want to spend a lot of money on it but I want it to be permanent...Help!?
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Definitely give the Taaz makeover tool a try if you haven't had the chance to yet. I think the color of Bella Thorne's hair is lovely! You can try using an at-home hair dye kit from a local drugstore if you don't want to dish out a lot of money...although it's probably best if you have a friend who's had experience with coloring their own hair before. Good luck!
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I agree she definitely has great hair!! Have you tried Copper or Golden Brown in the Taaz makeover section? I think that those 2 are the closest to hers. It's got a reddish-brown tint.
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