I want a trendy hairdress for halflang wavy hair help!!i don't no what..

I am looking for a new hairstyle, i have hair till my shouders and it's very wavy. I'd like to look really trendy without it's taking me ours a day to style it, i hope you come up whit some advice!

Thank you!
greetings Monique
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I would use a big barrel iron to add softness to your natural wave. Because of your natural texture, it is not necessary to curl the entire head, instead, grab random pieces (concentrating at the top part of the head). Leaving the bottom section alone will not be noticeable and will reduce your styling time. This will not only provide smoothness, but also help to revamp your style a bit.
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I think you'd look really great with chin-level short hair, in pretty much any style!!! You def have the face shape to make that length look good :)
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bob, NO BANGS! made that mistake once.
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Aline bob! With your hair and face shape I thing that would be best. You have a great eye color too. Play that up and you will have an overall great new luck.
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