I want a radical change! What is better for me? (hair color and haircut)

I want a radical change! what is better for me? (hair color and haircut)

I am tall (5'11 1/2") with light brown skin. My hair is brown and curly, but I straight it. It goes up the middle of my back. I want something SUPER different that has different levels. Not too short. Thanks! :D
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You can go up a few inches to bra length and add lots of layers starting at about the nose. That would still be a long style yet different from what you have. the layers will really give off lots of movement as give you a different look. You can also go in with a fringe (if you don't already have one) to really draw more attention to your eyes and change your look even more!
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Can you forward us a picture? You could opt for a reddish brown and do a choppy layered look. Add bangs, I love the picture of Taylor Swift that @RubyDenise posted, that would be a fun and trendy look!
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You can put some more choppy layers in your hair to switch things up but not cutting off too much length, but if you want radical - add some bangs, cut it to below your shoulders.
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You have so many options! I love the first pic! You could make your ends light and then have it layered to get this look. You could also do your ends red, or black. You could do some layering like in pic 2 that would look good on you since you are tall. I like Taylor Swifts hair in the third pic, she is tall and the style looks very good on her plus she has natural curls too and I just love the layering in pic 4
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