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I want a new look

I always wanted to try a new look but I have no courage to do it and now more than ever I am bored with my look. I want your advise of what new look (haircut) I can try.
Thanks for your help.
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thank you so mucho for your advice. I will gro my hair and then I will post a new photo with my new look... Thanks!!!
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I actually got this cut and absolutely loved it! I think it would look great on you, it's stylish, sexy and classy!
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try and aline bob wold look great and maybe put a semi perminant black rinse in your hair just to enhance your clor, hope this helped
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The redid color and that hairstyle would look great on you :)
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I think a longer sleek A-symetrical bob would look fabulous! It may require a tad bit more styling than you are doing currently as it may need to be straightened but would really play off your color and new cut well!I like where those 2 points are that are coming in together at the neck area. I would use those as the longest front points angling up and back toward the nape. Keep the nape area as short as possible and tight to the hairline to really give the style a good shape. I would keep your layers longer (no higher than chin length) and stack the back up. I would also add a heavier side bang to finish this look off. Blow dry using a large round brush to help mold the look and to create smoothness and a soft look. Good luck!
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I really like the style that @RubyDenise posted. Add some more bang and grow out your hair a bit. You could even add some carmel highlights!
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u should grow ur hair to mid back and then make it into soft layers framing ur face!!
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I think you should grown out your layers a bit a go for a edgy bob. It's very youthful on you. You could even pull off a warm brown hair dye if you wanted.
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i reckon you should try a fringe!!!!!!!!!! and maybe grow your hair out a little bit maybe just past your shoulders and straighten it ,,,now that wld look amazing on you!! you should totally try it....hope you do.... :)
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Never be afraid to try something new, the great thing is that hair grows back and you can always change the style again. I've found that changing your look, even just slightly, can make you feel sensational. I suggest updating your hairstyle a little by having side swept bangs cut & going with a chestnut brown color with golden brown undertones, giving you a vibrant look. Just remember if you decide you don't like your new look you can always change the color & style again. Have a great day & have fun creating your new look!
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