I want to go blonde

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It's hard to see your coloring in the picture but I'm sure you would suit a darker golden blonde. Blonde highlights would be a good way to start. Try using the "Makeover" tool and trying on different shades of blonde. You can forward the pictures back to us and we can help you decide!
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just make it black cuz blonde ill with your skin tone uhuh
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Hard to see in the pic, but there's so many shades of blonde that there's a perfect shade for everyone! I say go for it ;) Also, if you're going brunette to blonde for the 1st time, maybe you should let a professional do it this around.
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I would suggest light brown with a few blonder highlites in the front.
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Because of your skin tone I would suggest going in with peek-a-boo panels in the middle section if your head. This will still give you a light blond feel without overwhelming your entire look. It will also achieve a very fun and funky color pattern with contrast.
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