i light blond

I need tou know if i look good with this blond

I want to change my style, i always dremnt to be a blond girls and i really need to know wich blond suit me better.
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I would go for more of a beige blond and perhaps with caramel toned lowlights. That will help to tone it down a bit so that it doesn't appear too bright. I think you could pull off a more neutral blond color for sure!
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i agree with comment #1 blonde doesnt look nice on you and ur skin tone

Wats ur natural hair color?

i suggest a burgundy/ auburn color highlights that will surely pop with your skin tone
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I think you would suit something closer to the pic attached...keep some brown in. Yes, I do think you can be a pretty blonde, just deepen it a bit!
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you dont look nice with the blond dosent suit you ...in my opinion ..sorry
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