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Hi everyone, I have an awfull haircut and I want some advice on it. Could you please help me ? And also I think about being blond, but I don't know if it's a good idea... Thanx a lot !
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I don't think your current color is terrible at all! On the contrary I wouldn't recommend going all over blond as I think it would wash you out. Instead, why don't you try adding some highlights. A pretty golden tone will help to give you a lighter feel as well as break up your current color and add diminution. I think a fuller bang would look good as well.
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If you're not sure about going blonde, ask your hairdresser to put a blonde gloss over your hair. It washes out over a month, so if you don't like it, you're not stuck with it. In the meantime, it gives you a chance to see if it suits you. I don't think your haircut is awful-I know we're our own worst critics. It's not the most flattering cut for you. If I were you, I would take a picture of Katie Holmes bob to your hair salon, and tell them you want a style more like hers. I think it would look really cute on you.
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i definitely agree with adding more bangs! maybe something like this?
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Thank you for your comments.
My eyes are indeed a kind of complexe but I will follow your advice and I'll post back (sorry i'm french and sometimes it's hard to speak english ) :D
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It feels like you are trying to hide your amazing big eyes you have!!Why?Don't make your eyebrows just a small line.Give them nice shape and thickness. I also like the haircut in the foto that suggest @rorygautsche
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It's not awful.....I would just suggest adding some more bang. Grow it out a bit more and in the meantime, add an angle to your bob. Something close to the pic attached would look great on you! As far as color, start with some golden blonde highlights for a natural and brighter look!
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Brown eyes, combination light skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) straight hair
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