I need a new haircut.

I really need a new haircut but I don't know what kind.
My hair is the same on this picture except that it's longer now and it's dyed mahogany.
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Maybe some layers but don't go too short it looks nice long :] x
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i think that u should try step cutting
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I like the length in your picture. I wouldn't suggest going shorter however you can add a few layers to it to help give it a different look. I would cut a shorter angled bang so that it doesn't seem too pulled over from one side. As for the layers, I would start them right where your new bang length ends and connect them down the fronts creating a pretty face framing effect. As for the layers throughout the hair, I would start them a couple inches below the chin to add movement and bounce to your current look.
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I actually really like your hair that way, especially with the side swept bangs. If you're wanting to go shorter, I think that you should still keep most of the length, so maybe right below the shoulder. But really I like your hairstyle already.
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I suggest either mid-length or go with a classic bob:
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