I m looking for my Hair Colour

I m looking for my hair colour

I dyed my hair too much- bored of dying my hair! Still,I couldnt find my hair colour- I wanna cry When I see My damaged hair!its very diffucult,carying red hairs! I m looking for my hair colour! I dont like no longer red and copper tones! I like naturel tones more! I cant be sure-which is look good on me? Ooo girls, could you give me an idea,please? Do u think, which colour look good on me?
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Thanks for your recommendations.. I understood.. I will dye dark color5-6 with asH.. Thank you very much :)
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Poor thing! Over processing can become damaging. Its a good idea to go back to natural for a while until you are able to replenish your hairs health. Because you have existing warm tones in your hair you will have to use a natural ash tone to counteract. You can find out your natural level by using a level finding swatch. Judging by your profile picture, you look to be around a level 5. I would recommend using the lowest peroxide available (usually 3-5%) since you will be depositing only. Use a semi-permanent color to build the sin slowly. Reapply to only your ends as the color fade and comb through the roots to blend both colors. It is not necessary to apply to the natural roots since they are already the desired tone. Eventually the color will stay without excess fading. Once that happens it is not necessary to continue coloring your ends. Make sure to use a deep mask frequently to replenish moisture loss.
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