i have realy oily hair, how can i fix this ??

I have realy oily hair, how can i fix this ??

ive cut it short to thicken it and help it , but its still baby fin, thin oily hair, and i cant go 1 day with out washing itt
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Normally this happens because there is not enough moisture present, ironic, I know. You are probably using a special shampoo to prevent this from happening however all they do is dry the hair out even more creating your scalp to over produce to compensate which just defeats the purpose. Try using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for a couple weeks. It should replenish your moist levels creating a stop to the heads over production of excess oil.
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Nixon shampoo and cond is great also trying paul mitchell's tea tree shampoo is good too. I do know that you always want to message the scalp daily too to help with the scalp from flaking. With oily skin and scalp sometime its harder for the skin to be out of its environment and over produce more oils.
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Try neem shampoo & conditioner. Then take a small amount of corn starch and rub it between your hands and run it through your scalp when it's dry. This should make it a lot less oily.
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