I have massive sideburns! Help!

I have massive sideburns! help!

I have really big hairy sideburns that stick to the side of my face. I feel really self concious about them. It means i never wear my hair up incase i get teased. Please help. My mum said i cant shave them because they will grow back into a stubble
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You definitely do not want to shave as they can come in thicker and unrulier. I would recommend trimming them down and then having them threaded. This is the best method of hair removal for your skin, although it can be painful! I do want to add though that a client of mine has the same problem and she's very hard on herself about it. I happen to think its super cute. It gives a off a softer angelic feel in my eyes.
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Don't shave the sideburns. You can get them waxed.....I've done it before. The only problem I had was that my makeup didn't adhere to that area for a few days after. You could sorta see the area that was waxed. It was fine after a few days. If you decide on waxing, go to a reputable salon with a reputable esthetician.
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dont wrorry about it you are the way you are if people dont like it then thats there problem we are all beautiful .
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Hi, I have exactly the same problem so I tend to wear my hair down a lot to. If you have long hair you can play with the style like curl or dip-dye and do things to take attention of them. But I "have" to wear my hair up for Physical Education in my school and what I do them is tuck them behind my ears and/or pin them back with bobby pins. But your mum is right don't shave them they'll grow back bigger and hairier. Hope this helped xx
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Honey you arent alone, i have the leftover baby hair on my forehead. One thing you can do is camoflauge them. When you pull your hair back just leave pieces of hair above and slightly in front of your ears down. Curl them if you wish, this look not only will make your ponytail or bun look unique but it gives it a sophisticated look and doesnt take much time. Look at the picture below. This will distract and hide the sideburns. Hope it works for you hun'. :-)
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