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I have just got a new fringe, what hairstyle would i suit and what colour?

ive just got a new fringe, not sure if i like it. please could you give me some ideas on styles and colours of hair that would suit me,thanks
ps sorry dont have any more photos of me with a fringe
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Its cute plus there isn't much you can do now that it has already been cut. You are probably just not used to having such a blunt shorter piece of hair hanging down your forehead. I think you will be much happier with it once it grows out a tiny bit. As it gets longer you can always train it to fall toward the sides to change up your style and get it out of your face.As for color, i would add a partial highlight to add diminution and contrast. This will really make your current look stand out better!
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that looks nice, thanks i might have a little look into it
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You could do a cute short bob:
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