i have ginger hair should i dye it?

I have ginger hair should i dye it?

i have ginger hair and i get taken the mikey out of all the time i am thinking of dyeing my hair but people say i should not dye it i really dont know what to do because i have had enough of it what should i do please help me
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i have ginger hair and i dyed it nearly every colour and i think its worth it i have never been back to my original colour for a long time but when i do ill let you know if the colour is effected but it most likely has been
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I normally don't recommend for ginger heads to color only because it is almost impossible to recreate your natural shade. However, if you are beyond ready for a change, Its not fair that you don't get to play with color only because you are a natural redhead. I would suggest a temporary color to experiment with. That way if you are not d\satisfied of completely happy with the results, you can always just let it fed out. If you do end up liking it then you can take the next step and go back over with a permanent line. Make sure that whatever color you choose is more on the warm side rather than a cool tone. Because of your natural coloring, warm tones will be much more flattering against your skin tone and features.
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Whatever you choose to do, make it your decision- not someone elses.
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I think ginger coloured hair is beautiful. I wouldn't die it. I am sure it looks great on you!
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most people are just trying to impress theres friends buy they really dont mean it and some people are just jealous , i have ginger hair and i dyed it loads of colours from the past year and people grow up and they wont mock you anymore when they reaalise you dont care if people mock you so just pretend you dont care and laugh with you and than they realise your no good to mock ! i am going back ginger now i really do regret dying my hair , i wish i never died my hair people pay loads of money to get it , so dont ruin your beautiful hair :) just never mind them people
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