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I have ginger hair but i wanna die it blond or black wat color should i die it??

i have having red hair, i mean wouldn't you?
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i think that u should try blonde
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strawberry blonde will look perfect on u
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I like your current red color but if you are seeking a change Id go for the darker verses the lighter. I say this because to lighten from a red tone, not only will it create lots of damage but also will still contain warm tones in the blond and look more orangey or strawberry blond which I don't think would flatter your coloring. If you do decide on black, I would do the top half and blend it into the red ends to create a more Ombre effect. Not only would this be a fun change but will give you more options later down the road where as if you go solid black you will be stuck with that for quite some time or until you grow it all out.
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I think too dark would wash you out. Go blonde or a bit of both. USe a base color of blonde then put some dark low lights in it. I think you could pull that off.
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if you want to die it any colour dye it honey blonde
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With your skin tone blonde is probably risky for looking good. wouldn't look anything special. You should just keep it like that.
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Looking at your skin and eye color you can get away with both... But as to what color of blonde You can find out on this makeover site which has the tools for u to change hair colors so you have a better Idea of what blonde would look good on you. The con ab blonde though is that your doing a lot more damage to your hair and not to mention the maintenance, (root touch ups). Black, especially since you have darker hair already wont be as much damage to your hair .
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