I got a new hair cut.

with my new hair cut people think it looks great like nicki minaj in a way but to others i look stupid. i not to sure if i like it now. whats your oppinions?
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I like it! You pull off the bangs extremely don't worry about what others say!
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I think it looks really cute. Its a fun style so enjoy it. If you like it don't worry about what everyone else thinks. Rock it with confidence. It is normal to have doubts after changing your style. Give it a few days to really set in and trust in your initial decision to do it in the first place. I really like the way you styled it in your picture. What a very fun look!
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You look great
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I really like it!!! You're hair are so preety!!! Like a doll!
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It's super the bangs on you! You could wisp them a bit more to create some added texture if you want but I think you look darling!
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