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I don't like my look and think maybe it's the glasses.

I did several makeover's and like the dark hair best, but soemthing is still not right. So maybe its the glasses.
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I would try to style the hair a little differently to give you the slight change you seek. A big loose wave will be easy to maintain and provide you with a more current look. A heavy side bang would really compliment this style. If you are ready for something more drastic, i would recommend to go a lot shorter, stacked in the back (for head curvature), with schrod and choppy layers and length left on top for added volume and height. This will help to give the illusion of a more oval face shape as well.
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the glasses really suit you, hairstyles on point, i think your hair would look stunning dark brown like in the picture, that would bring out your eyes!x
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dark brown
i think u really look cute in glasses!
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It's actually the color of the glasses. Black is a bit too much. Maybe try silver or gold.
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i think the glasses really suit your face/face shape... and i love your fringe
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