How would you get your hair this color?

Im dying it light brown, but how would I get the highlights? Or can I just dye it this way?

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The best way to achieve a little contrast like in this picture rather than a solid look would be to first go in and place all your highlights (wether it be one consistent color or more than one alternating colors) Once the foil packs are secure and in place, you apply the base color between each pack. Make sure to be careful not to be rough to move or loosen the foil packs to avoid bleeding of colors. This way is the most efficient and allows for only one process but if it seems too complex, you can also go for a solid all over color, let process, rinse, dry, then apply the foils and do a whole other process. This way is much easier but takes a lot longer and may be more drying to the hair because you are depositing color only go to in and lift it out again on those areas that will become highlights. The first method is the best for the hair and fastest.
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Go to a professional to have this done. If money is an issue, look up a cosmetology school on YELP for your area. You'd be getting the expertise from their experienced instructors. My hair is currently this color; with this type of highlites. It cost me $30 to have it done at the school & it turned out just beautiful. If you really want to do it yourself, locate a Sally's in your neighborhood & ask them for their assistance in picking out the right supplies.
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