How would i go about styling/cutting bangs like this?

I love her bangs. I only cut my own hair so please give hair cutting advice :D
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i really like ur choice but sorry i don't know how 2....
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i really like ur choice but sorry i don't know how 2....
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Cute bangs! I can totally see you with that look!!
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She has parted her hair to an extreme so it lies very far on the right side of her head.Parting it that far adds more hair to your bangs.The amount of hair she has cut into her bangs also extends far back to nearly the middle of her head. The length of the bangs looks to be right under her nose if she combed them forward. The bangs have a slight layer and are point cut on the ends.
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find out what face shape you are so you can get a better idea on what bang to do. From my opinion in your pic your an oval u can get away with just ab anything gurlie! so if u want to do this bang go for it but make sure u TRAIN ure hair part before u do this it'll be easier that way
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These bangs are great! They are so heavy and thick but really compliment the girl in the picture well. First part the hair where you want the bangs to fall from. Make sure to take quite a thick section then connect down diagonally toward the top of the eat on the opposite wide of the part. You should now have a semi pie looking section. Pull all the hair toward the side you want it to fall and make sure you have even tension (this will probably work best if the hair is wet). Twist the entire section of hair a full 180 degrees two times the cut an even straight line. Once you let the section go after cutting, it will fall with a nice heavy side swooping effect. You can always go back and repeat steps if shorter length is desired.
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In her late teens from Seattle

Blue gray eyes, normal light skin, golden blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair
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