how to takecare of my very curly hair

How to takecare of my very curly hair

i have black very curly hair how can i takecare of it ??
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Make sure to wash and condition with a very moisturizing and softening regimen. Once out of the shower apply a leave in conditioner and detangle using a league tooth pick or comb. After detangling the hair apply a frizz serum to hydrate and seal the hairs ends. Also make sure to only wash about 3 days a week. Anything more than this will really dry out the hair. Never brush wet curly hair. Only brush the hair when it is completely dry to avoid breakage. Brush dry hair every night to disperse the oil from the roots through the ends. Put hair into a braid or twisted bun for sleeping to protect it from excessive breakage from moving around in your sleep as curly hair is a lot more fragile.
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