How to stop my bangs from moving around and getting greasy?

How to stop my bangs from moving around and getting greasy?

I grew my bangs out because they were starting to be too much of a hassle. I want to cut them again but first I want to see if it will be worth it or if i'll just have the same problems as before. I want side sweep bangs, but they always split awkwardly or fall apart, and by the end of the day after fixing them and adjusting them so much they look gross and greasy. How can I avoid this? Thanks!
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as long as you wash your hair everyday it shouldnt be a problem just make sure your hands are clean when you fix your hair
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First do you parting , which ever way you bangs go then get a straightener and straighten it the way your bangs are going, (don't do it downwards.)
Or get hair spray and spray your bangs from the bottom!
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Try braiding them or pulling them to the side with a pretty barrette, or try a sparkly headband.
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You can train the way your bangs fall by drying with a round brush. Rather than actually twirling the hair around the brushes barrel, brush bangs from side to side while holding heat on them. Do not twirl hair. Instead, just continue to brush from side to side until bangs are completely dry. This helps to counteract and neutralize the cowlicks and growth pattern allowing the bangs to fall wherever you desire. As for the greasy looking problem, try a dry shampoo as these products are a very effective way to absorb excess oil from the head. Also make sure not to touch the bangs or forehead throughout the day!
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