how to look after human hair extentions

How to look after human hair extentions

how can i keep my hairextentions in tackt
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Make sure to gently wash and condition (staying away from the bonds). Keep them hydrated with a weightless leave in conditioner. Comb them out with a large tooth comb or pick. Try not to tug on the roots when blowdrying or styling. Use a mask on them once a month and if any fall out, save them to be reused at your next appointment.
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Keeping your hair under control while sleeping: Yep, hair extension control is a 24/7 job. At bedtime, simply create two side braids to prevent tangling while sleeping. In fact, wrapping your head/hair in a handkerchief is the best thing to do, as it holds the hair in place, but many find two side braids easier to do night after night. Also washing your hair in a downward motion will help with what ever bond you have to hold the hair too!
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Wash them after using hairspray or hot tools . Use special shampoo& conditioner . If they are real human / remy hair you can straighten curl or apply heat to them if they are not you will fry them in a matter of days . Treat it like your real hair & Hopefully it all works out (:
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