How to lighten dark brown hair ?

How to lighten dark brown hair ?

I have brown hair . Not very dark , not very light , not reddish or anything . I'm not exactly sure if it's ash at all . It's just medium brown hair . I've still got Virgin hair . I never dyed or striked it . I want lighter hair . anyone knows how to get it naturally ? I heard about lemon juice but some people say it turns red ! & it just want it LIGHTER .

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If you want to go lighter naturally, there's a hair coloring product made from plants, no chemicals. You could go with a light brown henna cream. Look it up on Amazon. Type: SURYA Brasil. Whatever you do, don't use lemons, that usually makes the hair streaky and orangey.
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i have it too in that color but my friends says dont dye them cause they look really pretty (some think that i dyed my hair because the look so pretty in the sun ) my advice keep it original
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I wouldn't recommend any home remedies for accurate results as you are not able to control the results and if are unhappy with the way they turn out have to use even harsher chemicals to fix it. The good news is that because your hair is virgin, You can lift and deposit in one single process without damaging or having to strip your hair first. Using a highlight or even regular color, you can achieve up to 4 levels of lift depending on the level of peroxide used. Unless you are trying to be blond, this is the route I'd suggest. You may want to have it professionally done the first time just to get the target shade you are seeking. Once that has been achieved, you can ask your colorist for your formula (peroxide used and color) to maintain this tone at home when you are ready to touch up any regrowth.
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