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my hair in length; is probably just above my armpits? i have some layers touching my shoulders on the left side, and on the ride side of my hair where my fringe is i have shorted layers? these layers always seem to curl round my face though and flick out no matter how much i straighten them?:3 i have tried curling them inwards with the straighteners and using straightening spray and antifrizz but its not working.. my hair continues to flick out? i have naturally flicky hair i think(?) and it wont tame..i wear my fringe kind of swoopy but lately as my hairs growing out its just hanging flat+limply by my side.. i would clip it up but i have a spam head&everyone will tease me); any good ways to wear my hair+ any styling ideas/tips?xxxxxxxxx.
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It is possible to counteract the way our hair naturally lays. You can promote your hair to lay in your desired direction by having it molded with a razor. It kind of works the same as when you curl ribbon with scissors. I would go in to see your stylist and im sure she could help you out. This is a good way to shape the hair rather than cutting it off. Once the hair reaches a certain point and has enough weight to hold it down you will no longer have this problem. You just gotta get past the ears as they tend to make our hair do funny things. Ps love the cut. Super cute!
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arr? thankyou! takes me so long to straighten though+im worried im gonna damage my hair?:3xxxxxxx,
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you really suit the hairstyle in the pic .. :)
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I like the style of it in the pic too!
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