How to get extremely curly hair

How to get extremely curly hair

I want to get really long and pretty curls like Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift, but every time I try my hair won't take to it or it doesn't come out curly enough.
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If you want to wake up with beautiful curls every morning, consider an Arrojo American Wave. It lasts for about 3 months, & doesn't damage the hair.
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You can try doing a semi-permanent at-home perm. My friend does that every once in awhile and it leaves her hair looking curly and great.
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Use a volume spray such as VO5 and and curl hold spray (L'oreal) and dry you're hair, then style on second day hair and hold with hair spray. I find curling rod is the best way and the smaller sections you do and the longer you hold them the curlier they are. for waves use bigger sections and brush through.
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Have you ever tried a 3barrel wave iron? these work really well to achieve a semi crimped effect with bigger waves rather than crimps. Run the iron down different strands of hair until the wave pattern is set in onto the entire head. You may also want to consider using a wand as these help to hold the style a little longer than a traditional curling iron, because of its tapered end.
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You could get a curling iron that makes thinner curls and do smaller parts of your hair at a time. It seems to work for me
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just do babyliss
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instead of using hair curlers use straighteners preferably ghd's. Clamp the straighteners together about 10cm away from the roots of your hair and then twist the straighteners twice while moving them down until your hair is wrapped around the straighteners. Once you have down this move the straighteners down slowly then once you get to the bottom release the straigheners and your hair should be very curly. Repeat the same thing to the rest of your hair. Dont use too big strands of hair otherwise it wont turn out as curly and dont forget to put hairspray on after. Hope this helped you!:)
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