how to dye my hair lighter?

How to dye my hair lighter?

i have dark brown hair and really want to go blondish without it going a horrible colour in the process!
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i think that u should go on youtube and search results for it
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Go to a salon for this & let the professionals handle it- you're far less likely to have it turn out wrong. If money is an issue, look up a cosmetology school in your area-try YELP. I think you'd look great with a light brown with a few blonde highlights around your face:
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If you are naturally brown at the moment, the process may cause a little bit of dryness and maybe some breakage but nothing too excessive that a slight trim cant fix. If you have artificial dark pigment in it, you may run into some problems lifting it out evenly. I would suggest a test strand first to really know what your processing time and end result are going to be. This will also allow you to view the integrity of the hair after lightening. Then you can decide from there if your hair is ok to take that process while giving you target results or not. The best place to perform a strand test is in the lower nape. If you decide not to go along with the lightening after viewing the test strand you can always color that one piece back to match the rest of the darker base.
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