How should i style/color my hair?

I have always had the same style, please help me figure out something different
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Go Light Blond!
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get front bangs with a couple of long layers and dark brown crown highlights
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I really like your current look but understand your desire for a change. You can always add a heavy bang and face framing layers to add movement and style to your hair. Make sure to trim the ends a little bit as well just to refreshen them. As for the color, I like the contrast in the front with the golden tone through the light warm brown. You can always add more slices throughout your head to add contrast and dimension to your look. Summer time is the perfect time for a sun kissed effect.
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This style would also look very pretty on you:
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I like the color. Try some braids. You can do lots of different styles like a fishtail braid, side braid, mini braids... :)
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In case you're looking for it in the store, this is what the box looks like:
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I think Minka Kelly's hairstyle would look fabulous on you. I would also put a clear glaze over your hair, to make it really shiny & vibrant. You can have it done at the salon or you can do it at home for about $6-$7 with a kit from the drugstore, Target, etc.
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You have such pretty face! I think you would look great in side bangs with a layered cut or in a bob. Blonde or highlites or even auburn I think would look nice on you. Here is you with different looks. Good luck!
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any of these woud look good on you or but I want your hair
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Miss Jasmin
Add some more bang and some layers. The 2 pictures below would look darling on you! Add some blonde highlights too!
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