How should i solve the problem with my eyebrows?

How should i solve the problem with my eyebrows?

I have very thik eyebrows and they are dark (like black). And I really really don't want to pluck them. What should I do to make them look good. Is there any make-up effect that will help of something else?? Please help!
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Thank you very very much guys for your advice. I really appreciate it!
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Honestly, since they are already dark, the only option is to clean them up - MEANING giving them shape. In order to define them and give them shape, you will need to pluck, wax or thread. I recommend threading as the people who thread (in my opinion at least) are VERY GOOD at creating shape and not thinning your brows out. If you're worried about the pain, then try icing to numb the area before you pluck. They also sell numbing creams at some places that you can get your brows done. Good luck! Don't worry it gets easier (and less painful) with practice!
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Wax and trim would be good maintance for the brows. Doing so will give you the best payoff and a great groomed look.
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Thick eyebrows are so pretty.....I wouldn't pluck them. You can always get them waxed. It's hard to say without seeing a picture but I always recommend getting brows waxed instead of trying to do them yourself. Clear brow gel is a nice way to keep them in place.....Anastacia clear brow gel is a nice one to try.
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you can always just use wax strips they reall y don`t hurt and you can shape them the way you want them to look
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For 3.50 you can get a eyebrow kit from elf it comes with a gel and a powder also the brushes for each element its very good so by adding to the bits you want they will stand out more and the unwanted hairs wont be as dominate .Or even you can bleach or tint your unwanted hair lighter :) x
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You would need :
- Eyebrow pencil with brush
- White eyeliner
- Angled brush
-Brow gel
Instructions :
1.Draw a line in short strokes along the top and bottom of each eyebrow. Brush down the area you just penciled in with the angled brush and then brush up with the marking that you colored at the bottom. Repeat this several times.

2.Brush your eyebrows with the back of the eyebrow pencil. Draw the white eyeliner and then spread it out below and above with your finger.

3.Dab a brow gel to your finger and then onto any loose hairs. Some hair are stubborn and will flow away from the normal growth of you hair.

Tips :
Pinch the tip of your eyebrow pencil instead of sharpening. The heat from your fingers will melt the end.
xoxo Mirna <3
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