How should I go about coloring my hair?

How should i go about coloring my hair?

I have naturally an mahogany hair color with blonde highlights.(my hair changes color)I want to die my hair Radiant black, I have done this color before and it looked great, but this time I want to do purple tips. How do I need to do this? Is there any particular order I should do them in? I have African American hair if that matters.
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You will first need to lighten the ends and lift them to desired level. Next color from your roots to where you want to start the color change with your black color. Last but not least tone your pre lightened ends with your desired target shade. Once the hair is completely rinsed out, you may want to consider trimming the ends a little bit to remove any dry or damages ends left behind from the lightener.
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i dont think it matters if u have african american hair. yes you do have to do it in order.
1. dye your hair in the color u want (radiant black)
2. wait about a day later to make sure the black has been in your hair
3. mark how long you want the purple to be up to from ur tips to up
4. tie the spot to the highest point you want the purple die to be
5. bleach the tips to as high as the tie spot (where u wanted the highes point(
6. once u have dyed the tips make sure u have ur purple dye ready
7. put the purple dye on the bleached spot
8. wash off and take of the rubberband on the tyed spot and there u have it :)

i am not even in my teens yet im like in my tweens or sumthin im 13 i learned this by a video on youtube a long time ago but im sorry to say i dont have the url so that u can watch it :( sry hope this helped
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