How should i get my hair cut? bangs that go across the top?

I have wavy/ curly hair and I used to straighten it everyday. Now I don't straighten it and it looks boring. The only thing I have done to my hair is side bangs and I want to change it up. I'm thinking layered and bangs across thhe top?
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I usually don't recommend straight across bangs, but actually think they'd look great on you!
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I think straight across bangs would look great on you and really draw attention to your beautiful blue eyes. If you are going to add some layers keep them on the longer side to not take away from the sleekness of your new look. I would go no higher than the chin around the face and only about 4" above the ends in the back.
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Something close to the photo of Jessica Simpson attached would look great on you!
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Straight across bangs would be so cute and bring attention to your cheekbones! Also a few face framing layers
Taylor Swift:http://cdn.glamcheck.com/fashion/files/2012/05/Celebrity-bangs-hairstyle-2012-billboards-awards-Taylor-Swift.jpg
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This isn't an answer I just wanted to show ya"ll what my natural hair looks like. Its a bad pic to make a decision off of but like I said I used to straighten my hair everyday. I'm the one on the left with the glasses and hippie band.
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Try braiding your bangs:
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Get it cut to the shoulder and layered bangs infront of yur forehead
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