How should i colour my hair? pics are helpful!!

I have an appt next week to get my hair done. I want to get highlights but I have pretty dark skin and I am not sure if it would suit me or if I would just look stupid. I usually just dye my hair dark brown, i've also done red too. But i want to try something different so I was thinking highlights? If you have any pictures of something you think might suit me thatd be great!
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Because of your fun cut, I would go for a peek-a-boo effect. This technique will continue the spunky and vibrant theme that your style carries. It will also be very easy to maintain since your roots will be hidden in throughout the hair rather than directly on top. (sorry for the mannequin rather than person in the pic attached. It was the only image I could find of the technique done right!)
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my natural hair colour is similar to the one in the picture but a little lighter. a medium brown. in the summer i would get highlights (until i dyed it dark)
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i dont know if u like these but check em out
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What is your natural color?
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