How old should i be to dye my hair?

I am 14 and i am really bored with my boring brown hair, what do you reccomend?
colours and styles would be helpful, the attached imange is me at the moment
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well you have beautiful hair you dont need to ruin it :) i had ginger hair but i got mocked over it soo i dyed it and wen u dye your hair you can never get it back to the exact colour and how i would love to have my hair back and it does damage your hair dying it all the time soo if i was your i would just leave it like it is , its lovely :)
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I agree with the ladies below, maybe just some fun peekaboo highlights to start. The color of your hair is gorgeous. Own it!
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What about just adding some pretty face framing highlights......I agree with @Briana about holding off as long as you can before dying your hair. I think you could cut some length off and try the side swept bangs. Add some layers around your face. Try the "makeover" tool and play around with different cuts and colors......you can forward the pics back to us and we can help you decide!
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Although there is no age limit on coloring hair, i would hold off as long as possible. The reason for this is because you have so many years ahead of you and you want to be able to have as blank of a canvas as possible. The more you color you hair, the more color stain it accumulates causing results to become more and more harder to control. I would recommend playing with enhancing color glosses. These are often times not permanent and wash out eventually. Their purpose is to enhance the undertones of your natural hair giving it a refreshed appearance without completely altering your natural hues. As far as the style goes, I would add a side swoopy bang and layers beginning at the lips. This will lighten the weight and fall more stylish.
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