How much should hair feathers cost?

if i'm having someone else put them in for me, how much should adding 2 colorful hair feathers cost? my stylist wants to charge $25 and that seems like a lot.
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I guess it would depend on how long they're supposed to stay in and stay looking good. $25 seems like a lot for just two!
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It seems like a lot to me too. I'd go the DIY route.
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Stylists charge $25 but that's much more than they should cost. This type of feather is used in tying fishing flies, so if you know someone who does this, ask them for a few. Then all you need is the little attachments to do it yourself.
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We have paid $25 - $35, so that seems right. I agree, it's expensive!!!
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yea, that seems right! i know its alot but, some cost about 35-45 ive seen some for 60 once, some places charg alot...
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