How long should i leave the henna in for?

How long should i leave the henna in for?

I really want to henna my hair. It is currently darkish brown and i want to give it a really light red tint without actually dying it red. What henna color should I use and how long do you recommend I leave it in for?
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i agree with BrianaEHernande...
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I just wanted to clarify that I have no interest in dying my hair in the future with extreme hair dyes, it was just something I wanted to do for fun. I have very little time as it is and the maintenance involved in dying my hair is way more than I am willing to do. Would henna make it impossible to dye my hair for the rest of my life or just for a few month? Thanks!
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I would not recommend henna dyes. First of all the only way to go lighter is to lift the current tone out if it contains previous color. If you do apply it the only part that will take true to tone will be your regrowth creating red roots and even darker ends. Not only that but henna had a chemical reaction with any other chemicals so later down the line if you ever want to color it with regular dye or process it in any other chemical manner, you will have a lot of trouble! Unless you are planning to stick to henna from here on out, I wouldn't do it!
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Don't use henna, I'm a hairstylist and the amount of times I have seen people cry over using this stuff in their hair:( You can get a nice red tint to your hair using colour rinses or colour conditioners such as revlon colourball. You cannot use commercial hair dye over henna dye, It can turn black or green and fall off:O stick with salon dye's.
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