how do you make a perfect bun?

How do you make a perfect bun?

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As for a perfectly polished bun, i would use a good styling balm to sell achieve a very sleek pulled back ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Use the same balm and apply to the outside lengths of the ponytail while softly twisting the length. Wrap the already wrapped lengths in a bun formation around the base of the ponytail while continuing to feed the already twisted ends around. Secure with a noter hair tie and spray with a light mist of hairspray to hold the look throughout the day.
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I actually like messy buns myself, but to get a sleek bun make sure you have product in your hair to keep stray hairs tamed. Then pull your hair in a pony and tightly wrap around, securing with either a hair band or bobby pins.
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To get the perfect bun you can get a hair accsesorie called a hair doughnut .By following the instuctions on the tag you will make the perfect bun.
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Hi there!
A few simple steps will get ya there!

First, dampen the hair
then brush and smooth the hair back into a pony tail
once in a nice firm ponytail brush the hair again to smooth is out
twist the pony tail and wrap twist around the ponytail base
tuck ends of twist under the bun
spray the bun to secure loose ends!

and there you have it!
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