How do you change the colour of your hairwithout bleaching it?

How do you change the colour of your hairwithout bleaching it?

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If you are depositing only, bleaching is not required but if you are looking to go lighter than your current tone it is absolutely necessary unless you have virgin hair and are only looking to achieve a maximum of 4 levels of lift.
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U need 2 know wat u trying 2 get 2. So basically go 2 a beauty supply store is in ur area nd checking out the L'oreal FOR DARK HAIR ONLY section. These colors are designed for people with darker hair. If you have virgin hair, you have a better shot at getting your desired color.

Next is the actual process of dying your hair. I highly recommend having someone help u with this if u r not used to doing this alone.Not to mention VERY messy!

All u do now is mix equal amounts of the hair dye (which comes in a tube) and 40 vol. developer.If u are using a bowl,make sure u mix the 2 very well and their are no lumps.If u are using a bottle,make sure u shake well so it is well mixed.

When applying the mixture to the hair, Start at the back of the neck where the hair is the darkest. If u have virgin hair the hair will all come out one color so it doesnt matter if you do ur roots first or last or all at one time. But if u have hair that has been processed many times or even one time before this, you will want to do the roots last and only leave the color on for 10 min.

The box will tell you how long to leave the color on fo,I usually do 45 min. Always remember,once the color gets to the highest level it can get to,the process will stop so u dont need to worry about over processing. I dont recommend leaving it in any longer than an hour though.Once the dyed part grows out, all of the hair will be one color so don't panic.

Thanx Any more questions?
Please follow me 2.
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if your hair is light enough you wont need to, the dye will come through. but if you have dark hair it wont show through your pigments. you will have to use bleach.
to make your hair lighter, get some lemon juice and put it through your hair. then go out in the sun until it is dry. the lemon opens your hair so that the sun rays naturally bleach your hair.
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I wouldn't ever really recommend bleaching it because it can damage your hair. If you're going lighter, try highlights or consult your stylist.
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if your hair is all ready that colour there is no point dyeing it.
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