How do i prevent my hair from getting damaged by chlorine water when swimming at the pool?

Since summer is here, I know I’ll be heading to the pool more often. The downside is that my hair tends to get really dry from all the exposure to chlorine pool water. How to I protect my hair whenever I go swimming at the pool?
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Great question! As you know, chlorine can really change hair causing it to have a very slippery, slimy feel. It can also leave behind a green tones stain that is almost impossible to remove (on lighter bases). My suggestion would be to wet your entire head of hair (fully saturated). This helps to fill the hair with tap water to not allow too much of the chlorinated water in. There are a ton of products on the market that you can put in as well to help however I would still wet the hair completely before applying them. Make sure to remove any dead or dry ends regularly as well during the summer. This will help remove any extra damage caused by the chlorine. Make sure to use a leave in conditioner with spf while poolside to protect your hair scalp from the sun!
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I would invest in a pre-swimming spray in conditioner. Before you go in the pool, spray it in and comb through your hair. It helps seal your hair so you get less damage. Then I'd follow up with a swimmer shampoo and a restorative conditioner. Both will fix any damage from the chlorine. Lush stores have a shampoo called REHAB, which works as well, plus it smells really yummy and is animal and eco friendly!!!:) Any ULTA store has the swimmer shampoos and sprays, along with some salons. (I am a competitive swimmer, I feel ya!)
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After I've been swimming, I make sure to rinse my hair right after and comb a conditioner through my hair.
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Go in the pool with your hair wet. It also works for blondes who's hair turns green when exposed to chlorine. Don't sweat it btw. I hate chlorine too :)
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Take a shower and rinse your hair with cool water, then squeeze out the excess water and work an anti-frizz serum through your hair (you can pick one up at the drugstore or WalMart, etc. for $5). Since the hair cuticle is already coated, the cholrine won't be able to damage your hair.
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