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How do i look with black hair?

For a while I really wanted to dye it black for that "punk" look, but I don't think black hair really suits me since I have light skin...what do u think? :P
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a brown will be better, just be yourself and express your punk look through your wardrobe
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I think it would look great as long as you're not getting jet-black hair. A natural brown-black would look great imo!
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You actually wear the black really well but I wouldn't go that dark with your fair skin. I just think it can look so harsh. I agree with @Brianna about a chocolate brown if you want a "darker" look.....I like you with the red or honey blonde the best though.....just my opinion!
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i think its a bit too dark for ur skin tone, chocolate would look fab on u xxx
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I think it looks alright but in my opinion a bit too dark. If you want a dark colour then perhaps try a chocolate brown I think it would flatter your face and complexion much more. :)
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Although I think the black isn't terrible, I think going a little lighter would fall around your face more flattering with your skin tone. I do agree going darker than your current tone looks nice on you as it really brings out the natural tone of your beautiful blue eyes. Going a few shades lighter than black like a chocolate brown will also be easier to change if you ever are in the mood for something different.
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yes its perfect for you dear :)
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In her late teens from USA

Blue eyes, fair skin, golden blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair
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