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How do i keep my hair curled for a long time with out a professional curler

when i curl my hair it stays for about 5 min then falls out.h only time i have ever kept my hair curled was with a professional curler... help?? please
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Michelle Phan has a great hair tutorial using paper bags! No heat necessary :) Just make sure to use a holding mousse like @GoodFaith suggests below and holding hair spray!!
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Your iron is probably not getting hot enough. It may be smart to just invest in a better quality iron. If your you will still be investing just as much on styling products for hold and will end up with dried out tresses.
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Try Garnier Curl Shaping Spray. Use it before you curl your hair for more staying power. I find that squeaky clean hair doesn't curl as well, day old hair holds curls better. Adding a bit of hairspray to each strand of hair before curling helps also.
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You need to put a good amount of mousse into your hair, right after you wash it. Buy a good one from a hair salon and scrunch it into your hair, and then blow dry it. I would also recommend the
It does all kinds of things for your hair-curling, waves, straightening-while infusing ions for shine. If you're looking for big beautiful curls you just wake up with every morning, look into the Arrojo American Wave. This replaces the out-dated perm and doesn't damage your hair.
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