How do i get to lighten my hair without any dyes?

im a little young to to lighten my hair with dye you see im 13 and i jusst want to lighten my hair jussst a liitle with natural things that wont burn or dry or do anything bad to my hair. something most people buy or have in their homes. thanks if anyone answer. (and yes my mom knows about this :) )
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I would use lemon juice. Put some in a spray bottle then appl it to your hair. I would recomend then going outside and spending time in in the sun. If you dont have enough time for that, hit it with a blow dryer. The heat from the sun will work better, but a blow dryer gives the same effect, it may just take a bit longer. If you dont want to spray fruit juice in your hair, try Sun In. It is a spray in hair lightener that you can get a at places lie Walgreens or CVS! You spray it in and do the same thing you would with the lemon juice, either blow dry or sunlight. I have tried both and the Sun In is more dramatic, and works a bit faster. The Lemon juice is more natural and may tae a bit longer. I hope this helps!
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The only effective (already stocked at home) remedy I know is effective for lightening the hair would be lemon juice. I believe you apply it then sit out in the sun. Dish washing liquid normally lightens artificial pigment but not positive about natural tones. Make sure to use a mask afterwards to replenish the hairs moisture loss. Good luck!
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I would say you could add some temp extensions to give a different look to your style. I would say do a temp color but they are hard to lift color to lighten at times.
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Use plant coloring. Costs about $10 on Amazon. The brand is Surya Brasil Henna Cream.
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You're best bet is the sun, apparently lemon juice can help lighten it quicker. Mix with water and spray on your hair before sitting in the sun (make sure you wear sunscreen!!!). May take a few sittings but you'll get there. :)
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