How do i get rid of a pony tail line when i straighten my hair?

How do i get rid of a pony tail line when i straighten my hair?

I have naturally curly hair but i keep it in a pony tail for work all the time everyday, so when i go to straighten my hair i will have it all straightened but in the back there are still some spots were my pony tail line is still there and i cant seem to get rid of it ~ Is there any "home remedy" or anything else i can do to get rid of it ....... HELP
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Because you wear your hair up for the majority of the day, the line is pretty much embedded into your style. i would lightly spray the creased area with water before taking the flat iron to it. Using a brush, dry the wet pieced with a blow dryer and some tendon to stretch the hair out. Once your hair is completely dry, run the iron through it for added sleek and smoothness. There is no need to wet the entire head or to even fully saturate it. A simple few squirts of water to the effected are is just fine and will do the trick.
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Ooh good question. I used to have this problem too. The rest of the ladies are right about different hair bands - I just use the Goody Ouchless kind. But also, it helps if your hair is well-conditioned and if all else fails, wet it down a little bit first. You don't have to get into the shower, just spray it down a little.
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I use ponytail holders made out of fabric, (sort of a silky fabric) and they work great and don't give the ponytail line. I get them at my workout place but they sell them at Free People if you have a store in your area. Make sure not to make the ponytail too tight.
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Use different types of ponytail holders. Ones that are not so tight and made from silky smooth material. Try to put the ponytail in different places. High ponytail one day, lower the next. That way, you're shifting the pressure; that it puts on any one place.
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