how do I get a good perm

How do i get a good perm

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f you've gotten your hair dyed a lot, or had a lot of chemical-to-hair contact, it may not be best to get a perm. A perm puts a lot of chemicals into your hair, which may dry out the ends, or make your hair unhealthy. Perms are removable, but that is also putting chemicals into your hair, which may give you negative results......but try to find a good hair stylist
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My first response would be, "Don't do it!" perms are probably one of the most damaging things you could do to your hair. But if your convinced you need one and you really want it, then go to a salon and have it done professionally. Make sure you ask what brands they use and make sure your stylist doesn't apply the lotion, set a timer and walk away. Your hair should be checked for curl every 5 minutes. Some hair types curl much faster and do not need a full 20 minute process time. Other hair requires over 20 minutes so your hair should be checked for processing every 5 minutes. Also make sure your stylist rinses out the solution for over 5 minutes. If she rinses very quickly and then applies the neutralizer you could run into some dry damaged hair. They key to a good perm is patience on your and the stylist part.
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Perms can become hard to do on yourself as the bands on the rods can cause breakage if not fastened correctly. @GoodFaith had a great point about the local beauty schools. They perform several perms through out they're attendance and will be more reasonable priced than a salon. If you request someone who is about to graduate, you should be in great hands as Im sure they have had their share of practice.
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do not get a perm!!!!!!1
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I would go to a local salon and not try to do it yourself if you want the best result.
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don't do it, it'll kill your hair really badd
I had a perm & like half my hair fell out. I now wear extensions to cover up my bold areas
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I would suggest having this done at a salon. If money is an issue for you, you could try a cosmetology school in your area. They perform hair services for inexpensive prices (probably $20 for a perm) and are always supervised by an instructor; with many years of experience. It's tricky to do it yourself at home, unless you can get a friend to help you. In which case, read the instructions throughly and follow them exactly. I'm sure there are plenty of YouTube videos on this subject you can watch.
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